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How can we help people who have Schizophrenia?

In order to help people suffering from Schizophrenia, the family, friends etc. must first of all speak to the patient to understand what has happened and to see if his/her mental state is really unstable. As patients think that the hallucinatons are real and think that they do not require treatment, we should not become frustrated when they do so. Instead, we should patiently try to explain to him/her that they indeed have a problem and persuade them to recieve treatment.

Sometimes, only close friends/relatives of the patient might know of certain behaviours of the patient. Therefore, it is necessary that they work closely with the psychiatrist to find out all the details.

We must also ensure that patients continue to receive treatment after the initial appointment. This is due to the fact that certain patients discontinue the use of the drugs after the symptoms disappear. When this happens, patients may suffer a relapse of the condition. Encouragement will help greatly.

We must finally also help them to explain their illness to others. It is important to explain to them that it is not their fault that they are sick. Then we must help them by explaining that they sometimes hear voices and have strange thoughts, occasionally having difficulty motivating themselves to perform everyday tasks. There ARE drugs to help patients and is is important to stress that patients suffering from Schizophrenia are NOT dangerous, contrary to popular belief.


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