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Log Book

This is where we keep a log on what we have done. Mostly me of course :).


5/2/04- Started on the site. Bad colour combi though. Love the floating balls. Thanks Kenneth!
7/2/04- Not going very well. Tripod hangs and lags a lot. :( Got a bit of research done.
8/2/04- Finished my research for the week. Will show to Madam on thursday.
11/2/04- Joel came over to help. Didn't do much though. :p The web counter hit 50. Thatz pretty cool. Added bg music to the page, its from FF10 "To Zanakard"
12/2/04- The server went down!! Coudn't get in the site. LOL. Had free URL redirection, Message Board and Guest Book all thanks to No thanks to Tripod though. :(
13/2/04- Added loads of empty links everywhere. Ben Lee do the summarization if you read this. Joel too. Our web counter just hit 100!!!!!!! Must be all the friends we've been bugging
15/2/04- Posted the site on Yahoo and Google. Doubt anyone would come though. :) . I've just changed the bg song to "Where is the Love?"
16/2/04- Kenneth added more links. Tnks kenneth :) Got my summaries done. Benlee, Joel i need yours on a diskette so i can upload it on the net.  Added a article on a Singaporean Schizophrenia woman.
18/2/04- Deleted some links due to technical problems.
23/2/04- Quickly added in "Other Common Mental Illnesses"
6/3/04- Haven't worked on the site for a while! Finished "What causes Schizophrenia" the survery is done and we will be sending it out soon. We are considering putting it on the net....
7/3/04- Confirmed the IMH date. Sick and fed up of popups so the URL has switched from to or
17/3/04- Went to IMH today. the report will be done by Joel
24/3/04- Uploaded the pictures of IMH visit on the net and on the website
1/4/04- Added Treatment for Schizophrenia as well as the IMH report. The website is almost done!
12/4/04- Almost done with the powerpoint slides. All the summary there is done. Still missing the summary for mary todd lincoln courtesy of Joel. :(

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