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Welcome to our website on Schizophrenia!

This project is by Jeremy Yeo,Kenneth Lim,Joel Lim and Benlee Tan of 2.2 Simeon (2004) from Anglo Chinese School (Indepedent)
The final copy of our survey is available for download. We appreciate it if you could fill it up and send it to us. 
Anyone who sends me the survey will get a choice of a gmail or orkut invite.
Please drop a comment on the colour format of the site.
Tripod is not working properly and so we are unable to edit the various pages. Please come back again

What's New?

Here I'll add an entry whenever I make an update to my web site.

05/2/04 - Started on this page.
07/2/04 - Added What is Schizophrenia,Symptons of Schizophrenia
12/2/04 - Added Books and Movies
13/2/04 - Added most of the links(empty of course) and Famous People who suffered from Schizophrenia
15/2/04 - Did a few biographies for famous people
16/2/04 - Added How to help people with Schizophrenia
6/3/04 - Added What causes Schizophrenia. Brought back % of ppl suffering from Schizophrenia
24/3/04 - Added pictures of IMH visit
1/4/04 - Added IMH report

Please e-mail me at for questions on Schizophrenia or with your opinions on how to improve this site.

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