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IMH Report

On 17/3/2004 we visited IMH (Institute of Mental Health). This is a brief summary of what we did there.

We visited a male ward and sat in a psycho-therapy session (see below) where we were allowed to communicate and interact with three of the more sane patients. We found out the different kinds of treatment that the patient undergoes.

We also visited a ward for women and discovered the ratio of male to female patients, a stunning 4:1. The reason for this is unknown, not even by the medical professionals. We took pictures of the ward and its facilities, like bedrooms, toilets and the seclusion room.



Patients: Chua, Tan, Hock (Names have been withheld for privacy)


Q: Why were you sent here?

Chua: Heard voices in my head. I have been sent in for treatment several times. I heard my neighbour banging on the wall every time I go to the toilet. My brother admitted me to IMH.

Tan: I was sent here during reservist training as I heard voices in my head.

Hock: I heard voices in my head telling me to jump off the building. I believe the voices came from Satan and I resisted them until my family admitted me to IMH.


Q: How do you find the treatment?

Chua: The medicine helps me to sleep better, and the voices almost never recur.

Tan: I dont like the medicine as it makes me drowsy, even during the day.

Hock: I feel the same way as Chua, I feel that the treatment is helpful and it helps him sleep better.



Click here for pictures of our visit