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Other common mental illnesses


Depression is the most common mental illness. Some causes of depression include: family environment, life events, biological factors, serious loss or stress - i.e. a divorce, death of a loved one, retirement. People suffering from depression experience both physical and emotional symptoms, including excessive fatigue, disturbed sleep, appetite and weight loss, difficulty in concentrating, a failing memory and diminishing sexual interest.

Manic Depression

A person with manic depression has extreme and unpredictable mood changes. The cause is unknown but studies have shown that it could be inherited. Stress may be another cause, for e.g. finding a new job or death of a relative. These symptoms include: talkativeness, big spending, risk-taking behaviour and sleeplessness, alternating with symptoms of depression.


Anxiety is one of the more common reactions to mental stress. 10% to 15% of people are affected by some form of anxiety disorder. Long-term problems like living in a crowded house can be stressful and even happy events - getting married or switching to new jobs - can cause anxiety. Anxious people feel tense most of the time, having problems with sleeping, are dry in the mouth and are unable to relax.

Attention defecit
ADHD is a diagnosis when a patient shows the following behaviours: inattention, hyperactivity, and impulsivity. It is the most commonly diagnosed behaviour disorder in young persons. ADHD affects an estimated 3-5% of school children.

Dual diagnosis disorder
This occurs when a person abuses substances and has a mental illness at the same time.